Dynamic Frames

Dynamic Frames for Videos

Enhance user interaction and spotlight your products! Adaptable to campaigns and events, promotes engagement and fosters brand loyalty through joyful moments.
Interactive Video Commerce,
the Future of E-commerce!
Engage and involve your customers like never before - Make it interactive!



Switch it up with Frames!

Elevate your videos to immersive shopping journeys! Add a layer of engagement that goes beyond traditional video content.

Promote Offers and Discounts
  • Use Frames to highlight special offers, discounts, and sales seamlessly.

  • The eye-catching visual appeal of frames draws attention to your promotions.

Drive Events, Campaigns, and Product Launches
  • Harness the power of Frames to create a buzz around your events, campaigns, and product launches.

  • The dynamic nature of frames adds a touch of excitement and anticipation, captivating your audience's attention.

Festive Mood on Your Website
  • Incorporating frames into your content signals to users that your brand is in a celebratory mood.

  • This festive touch on your website creates a positive and engaging user experience.


Grab more attention with unique layouts


Display diverse product images in an interactive carousel for users to explore multiple options on your website.

Craft engaging narratives with behind-the-scenes, product journeys, or brand stories on social media using story layouts for a more personal connection with the audience.

Create immersive displays resembling a virtual storefront experience to showcase new collections or seasonal trends.

Enable video overlay for users to continue watching while browsing your product line, ideal for informative or guided tours.

Showcase your product collection in an aesthetically pleasing grid format for a structured presentation.

Feature key product details and captivating visuals on landing pages using hero layouts for a compelling introduction.

In-depth & real-time consumer insights
  • Seamless integration across major e-commerce platforms and CMS with just one-click

  • Real-time analytics for tracking views, clicks, conversions, and engagement rates

  • Effortless video player customization without messy CSS hacks

  • Global low latency CDN for lightning-fast video streaming

  • Focus on your business while we ensure video excellence

In-depth & real-time consumer insights

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